The St Giles’ Church Bell

Our bell was cast in 1715 by Abraham Rudhall of Gloucester.  It is therefore possible that it came from the old church.  It is inscribed “The living into church do call and to the grave do summon all”.

St Giles Church Bell

A number of years ago, it was noticed that the stonework locating the girders supporting the bell had deteriorated badly and the bell was no longer rung.

Following appeal sufficient money was raised for the repair of the stonework and for the bell to be re- hung.

This restoration work was carried out in 2008  by Whites of Appleton and a local stonemason.  When the supporting girders were removed and replaced, it was obvious that the work was very necessary.  One of the I-beam girders was corroded very badly with only approximately ¼ of its cross section remaining.  

Now the Bell rings out for the start of each service by the bell rope situated in the Tower Vestry. A job greatly enjoyed by our young people. 

The Bell is also connected to the renovated clock, so that the hours can be chimed.

On April 10th 2009, Bishop Michael was present for the Service of Thanks and Praise, to celebrate the restoration of the Church Clock and Bell.