The Hermitage Singers 2013

The Hermitage Singers at St Giles’ Church Uley 2013.
We had the most delightful evening on Tuesday 23rd April when The Hermitage Singers, a singing quartet from St Petersburg, entertained over 200 people in St Giles’ Church Uley.
It was a perfect evening for the event. The sun shone through the stain glass window and we felt like spring had finally arrived. The Russian professional male voice choir have travelled the length and breadth of the country and we were so lucky to book the date with them.
The music was truly moving and the sounds of Russian harmonies resounded to the rafters. We were highly entertained with Russian Orthodox Church hymns through to their own take of a few British favourites such as the Beatles. The quality of the singing was spectacular and the quartet filled the church with music. They took us from enchanted and mesmerised to chuckling and applauding in the pews.
It was a night to remember and thanks to all who attended and we raised over a £1000 towards the church.

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The Hermitage Singers at St Giles’ Church Uley The Hermitage Singers The Hermitage Singers from St Petersburg