Baptisms in the Parish

When a baby, child or adult comes to Baptism we celebrate and recognise that they are part of God’s family and offer thanks to God.  The person to be baptised is asked to confirm their faith. With a baby or a young child, parents and godparents are asked to take these decisions for the child. Water, Light and Oils are the signs of Baptism and a special moment is when a child or adult has the water of Baptism poured over their head. 

Baptisms usually take place as part of our regular Sunday Worship, usually on the first Sunday of the month. Some Baptisms take place after the Sunday Service and baptisms take place in all three of our churches.

If you would like your baby baptised you should either live in the parish or be a regular member of the congregation.

In the first instance, please contact Revd Canon Michael Cozens on 01453 546459 or by email (  You may then be asked to complete and return the form available to download below:

For more information, please visit the Church of England's website.


ARTICLE: The Messenger (February 2014)
News and views from the Church in and around Gloucestershire 

The Very Revd Stephen Lake, Dean of Gloucester, insists baptism still matters.

"Recently, a Sunday newspaper got carried away in talking about proposed, experimental, yet to be agreed, additional, alternative words for the baptism service. 
Despite the sensationalist reporting, it is good Holy Baptism can still command some interest. It is better to be talked about that to not be talked about at all. Soon after I discovered that the Church of England still performs over 10,000 baptisms every month, and that’s just for children. Baptism clearly still matters.
Baptism is not just about what is said in the service, although of course that is important. It matters what God is doing too, and what the Church is saying to those who come. We speak for Him today as much as parents and godparents speak for a child. We need the open arms of welcome, the same open arms that saved us on the cross. We need the signs of new beginning, to show that the Christian life is a constant turning toward God in Jesus. And we need to have the confidence that God can call those who come to him into an ever deepening relationship and our task is to be family members in that relationship. 
The Lord is adding to our number; let us all share the gift of baptism with enthusiasm and joy."



Baptism service in St Giles Church